We are a Great Dane Rescue located in Middle Tennessee.  We help other rescues in all states if they get a little too full with these big, loveable dogs.   Hundreds, if not thousands, of Great Danes are being dumped into shelters where the clock starts ticking.  These are some of God's most beautiful and loving creatures and they are being thrown away like last week's left overs.  It doesn't have to be that way!  There is help out there and it's US!  


Our Mission

Our job is to save as many as we can and find them loving, stable, safe fur-ever homes.  When a Great Dane comes into our rescue, it is automatically loved.  We offer socialization and temperament testing for all Danes that come into our rescue.  No dog leaves our rescue without being spayed/neutered, fully vetted and micro-chipped.  We are a no-kill rescue.